February 2015

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For more than a decade, a 62,000 sq. ft. parcel in the River District in downtown Fort Myers has been ready for development, only to remain as-is despite plans for it that popped up back in 2006. That's all about to change according to Fort Myers real estate developer, Phil Fischler, who founded Fischler Property Co. in 2009. 

Fischler stated that three of his clients are currently ready to invest in the project, which he says is expected to break ground in 2017 and may include a fitness complex, 343 resort-style apartments, a multi-floor public parking garage, a theater, and other entertainment options. He recently told NBC 2 News, "We're seeing a significant re-urbanization of downtown. People want to live in the city again and we think there is a


    Battista Island is back in the spotlight again as Lee County makes its fourth attempt to purchase the property. The fate of this currently uninhabited island that sits in Estero Bay just east of Little Hickory Island has been the cause of a lot of controversy over the past ten years. It seems that everyone in the Bonita Springs area has a different opinion about what should be done with Battista Island and what the decision would mean for surrounding communities.
    Battista Island has been owned by the Battista family of south Florida for many years. In the 1970s, Silvio Battista had intentions of developing the land for residential purposes. He wanted to build over 100 townhouses and homes on the island. The prime location of Battista…

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