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Cape Coral Waterfront Homes

 Cape Coral Waterfront Photos provided by ©

Complimented by the luxury and ease of a true waterfront lifestyle, Cape Coral is celebrated for its hundreds of miles of canals, its nearby beaches, its nearby impressive golf courses and, no doubt, its beautiful homes. Thanks to a substantial investment in recent development, Cape Coral also presents abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation and the allure of a more affordable waterfront lifestyle in Southwest Florida.

What originally began as a planned community barely more than a half-century ago has grown substantially, especially over the last several years. Now home to more than 180,000 people, much of that growth has occurred in more recent time. The rapidly expanding northwest side of the city is a good indicator of the population explosion. In just the last decade alone, an estimated 20,000 to 30,000 new residents have moved to Cape Coral, and that boost in population has led to countless new homes for sale in Cape Coral.

One of the largest cities in the State of Florida by land size alone

Cape Coral enjoys a unique history, one that started as a planned community. While some families moved to the area well before this time, farming and planting citrus groves, the major development we see today can be traced back only to the late 1950’s. That’s when the history of Cape Coral really began to take off. Two brothers took an interest in around 100 square miles of land at Redfish Point, mostly swampland at the time. The brothers saw plenty of potential, though, and their grand plans for the area initiated the beginning of a master-planned community and truly set the wheels in motion for a larger city down the road.

It’s said the very first building constructed in Cape Coral was a sales office for selling real estate. The promotion of the dream was very much glitz and glamour, from bringing in celebrities like Bob Hope to giving away new homes on game shows. Soon all of the attention and development not only led to the construction of more and more new homes but also canals. The very first homes were constructed along Flamingo and Riverside drives. That new development continued for the new several years, and soon Cape Coral was home to around 2,800 people. Next came a golf course, a shopping center and a public yacht club.

Buyers were lured to the area with the promise of living the Florida dream, seemingly endless sunshine, warm weather and blue skies. Meanwhile, the newly constructed canals served up the enjoyment of plentiful waterfront land for sale in Cape Coral. In turn, the once unpopulated peninsula quickly grew in population; a trend that we see continuing even today.

Cape Coral Bridge

Perhaps the most significant construction of the time was the Cape Coral Bridge. Spanning the Caloosahatchee River, the new bridge greatly cut down on travel time to nearby Fort Myers, opening up the future City of Cape Coral to new interest and new possibilities. Around the new time, the same two brothers behind the original community opened up the infamous Cape Coral Gardens. The once grand tourist attraction offered up a spectacular Waltzing Waters fountain show, a rose garden and dolphin shows. Its eventual closure, though, ironically spurred even more development, clearing the way for more residential construction in the area.

Officially incorporated as a city in 1970, Cape Coral nearly tripled in population by 1980, and then doubled again by 1990. That rapid growth continued by tens of thousands of new residents until the late 2000s when a real estate slowdown swept a majority of the nation, including Southwest Florida.

Cape Coral of today and the Cape Coral of the future

Flash-forward to more recent years, however, and residential development is on the rise once again. The homes of Southeast Cape Coral may have been the first to develop, but they were just as quickly snapped up, providing exceptional waterfront settings and Gulf access. That excitement soon expanded westward, pushing development into the southwestern portion of the city. Later on, development in nearby Fort Myers pushed into Northeast Cape Coral, most recently forging ahead with even more development in Northwest Cape Coral, and at a rapid pace.

While now ranked as one the fastest growing cities in the entire nation, Cape Coral is in reality only about 50-percent developed to this day, offering up plenty of room and opportunity for those still interested in investing in Cape Coral real estate in the future. Some suggest Cape Coral’s population will likely soon double once again, perhaps sometimes over the next 20 years.

With more than 400 miles of canals, it’s said that Cape Coral boasts more canals than any other place on earth. This sub-tropical paradise entices new residents to move to the southwestern coast of Florida, with backyard boat docks and year-round sunshine. While the history of Cape Coral may have originally stemmed from a big dream of selling a master-planned community in Southwest Florida, it has greatly grown and evolved, translating into the Cape Coral of today and the Cape Coral of the future.

Now a true destination for visitors and potential homebuyers alike, Cape Coral continues to welcome new residents, businesses and developers, many of which have their eyes set on the Cape Coral of tomorrow; one that will likely continue to expand, evolve and develop over the years and decades, bringing in more housing, more businesses and likely more attractive additions to the City of Cape Coral.

Home to miles upon miles of canals, many of which offer up direct Gulf access, waterfront land in Cape Coral is plentiful and no doubt a big driver when it comes to enticing new residents to move to the area. In fact, Cape Coral real estate continues to draw in more and more potential buyers to the region, lured by its location, its natural amenities and its never-ending charm. The new homes for sale in Cape Coral join decades of recent development, as the area gears up for an expected major influx of even more new homebuyers likely making the move to this highly desired area in the coming years.

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