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Southwest Florida International Airport Direct Connect

Direct Connect will significantly impact Southwest Florida's strengthening economy, which in turn, means a huge boost for Real Estate, Tourism and other various industries...

Direct Connect Southwest Florida International AirportSouthwest Florida Regional Airport originally opened on May 14, 1983 with one 8,400-foot runway. It wasn't until the following year that it started offering international flights, and in 1993, they not only changed the name to Southwest Florida International Airport (RSW), but they also lengthened the runway by a few thousand feet to make it 12,000-feet. Today, RSW is one of the top 50 airports for passenger traffic and they host more than 15 different airlines. In 2005, they opened a brand new, state-of-the-art terminal.

During the airport's first full month of operation –

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Home Values Fort Myers Beach, Ft Myers Beach Home Values, Condo Values Fort Myers Beach

Home values are on the rise Fort Myers Beach...

If you've been thinking about making the move down to Southwest Florida, especially in the area of Fort Myers Beach, you might want to make your move before it's too late. Home values are on the rise in Fort Myers Beach, and if you wait too long, you're going to miss out not only on landing a reasonably priced home, but also on making a profit on your investment in the future should you decide to sell.

Home Values Fort Myers BeachMany have been noticing the rising prices, and rather than wait until they're close to retirement or they're actually retired, they're opting to buy now while the prices are still low enough that it's not going to cause them to break the bank. It also gives them a chance to decide what they want to

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Fort Myers Beach Florida Real Estate News, Fort Myers Beach and Walmart

The residents of Fort Myers Beach will soon be welcoming a new Walmart Superstore to the neighborhood. Or will they?

San Carlos Blvd Fort Myers Beach Florida, A new Walmart Superstore is planned for the Old Winn Dixie Plaza located just off San Carlos Boulevard on Fort Myers Beach. And while most residents agree that having one of America's most popular big box stores right around the corner will be a welcomed addition, the additional traffic it brings will definitely not be a welcomed sight. Most residents of Fort Myers Beach agree that the traffic situation around San Carlos Boulevard is not great at present and residents worry that by adding such a popular retail outlet to the mix will only serve to make matters worse. "We are already waiting in traffic at least an hour to move

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2014 Fort Myers Beach Florida Shrimp Festival, Time Square Fort Myers Beach Florida, Shrimp Festival 2014, Shrimp Festival Fort Myers Beach, Florida Festivals, Shrimp Fest

The annual Lions' Club Shrimp Festival 2014 kicked off in Fort Myers Beach on Saturday, March 8th, and was one of the best Shrimp Festivals Florida has ever seen. The 2014 Shrimp Festival started at 10:00 am with a two-mile long parade that marched down the center of Fort Myers Beach's own Estero Boulevard. The parade went from from Fort Myers Beach elementary school to Lynn Hall Park.

Shrimp Festival Parade 2014 Fort Myers Beach, Fort Myers Beach Florida Shrimp Festival, Beached Whale Fort Myers BeachAnd then, from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., patrons of the festival enjoyed the famous Lion's Club shrimp dinners, each made from shrimp caught locally by Fort Myers Beach shrimp fisherman. Patrons were able to enjoy many other local artisan booths featuring arts, crafts and other fine local cuisine. This year, there was over 100 different vendors selling their wares

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Fort Myers Beach CondominiumsAs the cold weather begins it's decent from Canada to the upper Midwest many snowbirds turn their sites to the south planning an escape from the winter ahead. Meanwhile home owners associations of many condominium communities on Fort Myers Beach, Florida are preparing for a very busy winter season. From 2007 to last year Fort Myers Beach has felt the impact of the financial crisis as most Americans did. During that time renovation, restoration and maintenance items where put on indefinite hold. The residents of these condominium communities watched as years of maintenance issues took it's toll on their prized investments. As the real estate market began to plummet, people that had over leveraged walked away from their homes. Foreclosure's weren't as

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Fort Myers Beach condominiums for sale

The Fort Myers area is one of the most rapidly growing metro regions in all of Florida. It's easy to see why, the area has beautiful tropical weather most of the year, plenty of new and upcoming business opportunities, and maybe best of all, it's own gorgeous strip of Gulf Coast Beach! For those who have been looking for Fort Myers Beach condo's for sale, they will find plenty of incredible options that will provide true tropical living right here in Florida. 

Fort Myers Beach Florida Pier Time SquareFort Myers Beach is located right on Estero Island, one of the many barrier channels islands that rise out of the sea on the southwestern Florida coast from the famous Florida Everglades up to the St. Petersburg and Clearwater area. This stretch of land is known for having some of the very best

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