Fort Myers Beach Florida Beaches

Ft Myers Beach FL Beaches

Fort Myers Beach, FL, with seven miles of powder sugar white sandy beach. There are many areas of the beach that beach goers can choose from.

Bowditch Point Regional Park

On the most northern tip of Fort Myers Beach (Estero Island) also referred to as North Island you'll find Bowditch Point Regional Park. Bowditch Park is a 17 acre park with 7 acres reserved for recreational use. The other 10 acres are designated for restoration and a preserve area. There are hiking trails that wind through and around Bowditch Park giving hikers a variety of environments, to take in it's botanical surroundings and panoramic views of Estero Bay. Bowditch Park is surrounded by a beautiful white sandy beach were beach goers can take in the sun while watching sea going vessels enter and exit the Gulf of Mexico to Matanzas Pass. more... From Bowditch Park stretching southerly along the western shore of North Island are several condominium communities that offer a variety of amenities. As you travel along the beach heading towards Fort Myers Beach Pier (Pelican Pier) is a vast area of beach that has just recently undergone a multi-million dollar re-nourishment project. This area is open to the public and provides ample room for the beach squatter. Amenities for public beach goers are sparse whereas most condo dwellers can rely on their condominium community.

Time Square

As you make your way to the Fort Myers Beach Pier you'll find a public park with public parking, changing and restroom facilities. A few steps further will take you to the center of Fort Myers Beach or Time Square. Here you will find local vendors providing shopping, restaurants, street performers and live music.
From Time Square you can venture out to the Fort Myers Beach Pier also known as Pelican Pier. Many fish tales have been told on this historic monument, not to mention the occasional marriage proposal. This pier has been captured in many photographs and artist renditions. Your trip is not complete without a stroll on the Pier. more...

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